Check out our backyard!!!

This is a cool. 360 degree view of our backyard. You can use your cursor to scroll around. Click and drag the mouse in the direction you want to scroll. You can also use the buttons on the movie to zoom in and look closer at things! This might take a few minutes to load if you are not on a broadband connection. It's a 2MB file, so be patient.

By the way, you may need to download a small driver from Apple/Quicktime in order to view this panaorama. .

Our newest Panorama - Lake Union, July 4th Fireworks

We took our boat out on July 4th for the Lake Union Fireworks. You can see downtown Seattle, Queen Anne Hill, Capitol Hill, and all the boats for the party. You can also see Gasworks Park, and the Wallingford Hill in the background. I went to Jr. High and High school on that hill!

Unfortunately for us, we didn't have enough anchor line to stay in Lake Union for the actual fireworks, but it was fun anyway. Next year!!!


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